Instant embedded lending

With our platform, you as a marketplace or FMCG can offer your MSME merchants and retailers access to finance. Across industries, from term loans to lines of credit offered by Dana partner lenders, our platform ecosystem gives you and your partners to scale the business more efficiently. Our partners' lenders are also connected to the same embedded lending engine to offer instant credit through Dana digital lending platform.

Embedded finance is the future of the financial services industry. Dana enables financial organizations to offer digital lending based on digital credit scoring engines. Our key proposition is to enable multiple partners like banks, MFIs, NBFIs, and MFIs to offer digital loans for FMCG retailers, micro retailers, factory workers, and under-banked individuals.

Build the future of financial service


Empowering lenders to make better lending decisions with digital lending capabilities.

Digital onboarding

Accelerating customer onboarding and identifying risk using business process automation.

Digital Credit Scoring

Enabling banks to score underbanked

Our partners