Dana proprietary credit scoring engine

Dana proprietary credit scoring engine is a powerful predictor of an individual’s ability to pay and willingness to pay. Dana credit score ranges from 1 to 850, with higher scores representing a lower propensity to default.

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Dana AI driven credit scoring engine

Dana Fintech built AI driven digital scoring engine to assess borrowers credit worthiness based on their consented digital footprints and transactions data. Dana credit scoring engine is powered by artificial intelligence that combines and analyses data from multiple sources. Banks, NBFIs and MFIs can leverage this scoring engine to streamline current underwriting process to finance underbanked and credit-excluded micro and small enterprises and individuals. Financial institutions can also customize Dana credit scoring parameters to complement their existing underwriting tools.

Banks, NBFIs, MFIs

Enhance traditional banking and lending risk practices with Dana’s digital credit scoring solution. Our credit risk management process enables financial institutions to predict customer creditworthiness by leveraging smartphone metadata. This financial technology empowers banks and lenders to access entirely new market segments and underbanked credit-excluded consumers.

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Credit scoring using digital data

Expansion to new market segments

Significantly enhance the accessibility of new market segments, including individuals and small businesses who are new to credit or with limited credit history.

Lower cost of risk

Leverage the predictive capability of AI and Machine Learning to consistently improve digital scorecards while lowering the cost of risk.

Faster decisions

Our financial technology platform shortens the time-to-yes from days to less than 3 minutes with scores delivered in real time.

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